Ok in this section I’m going to look into the arguments for and against Catholicism and the controversy inside the church itself on proper Mass and various things that have been changed in Catholicism since Vatican II.

I personally feel there is definite validity to the fact that the true Christian Church has its origins in Catholicism, although I’m not sure where the Church went wrong, or to what extent it has fallen or if all of the things clouding up the validity of the church is disinfo by the deceiver. Or if any of this matters, if just by excepting Christ, that’s what God want’s you to do.

I do not know enough about Luther to have a solid opinion one way or the other but i definitely would want to look beyond Luther to before him to get what the original version was before the things that made him object occurred

I do feel that I personally need to strive to live like Christ, and strive to live by God’s Will, whatever he has lined up for me.

I definitely have tons of sin that i need to remove from my actions and being.

I’m to a point where i feel everything everywhere is just overrun with evil and upside down reasoning, that everyone justifies every despicable thing that they do all in the name of “modernism” or “not being judgemental” or “having an open mind” even in so called “christian” churches

preachers who sound like motivational speakers, barely quoting the bible, or if they do, they take one line out and build a whole powerpoint around it.