Please God teach me to do Thy Will

I can’t take this world anymore. I always thought the only thing we were put here to do was find a mate, Love, and make little babies, evidently you didn’t put me here for that.  So what am I supposed to do? I see evil and stupidity and outright insanity everywhere here, from the lowest street people up to the highest powers (even in the church)  I don’t get what you want me here for, please take me home. If you got me here to do something, please help me figure out what it is.  You know I’m easy to please: I don’t eat much, I’ve given up on trying to find a girl to love so that opens up my budget, I don’t care too much about my surroundings.  I’d be happy living a monastic lifestyle. This Art Writing Music thing you’ve given me, am i suppposed to give that up? How can i use that for you?  I don’t know what your will is. I don’t want to ask for a vision or anything big like that…

Lord, I accept this punishment from thy hands, and I accept it for as long as it pleases thee; if it be thy will that i should be thus afflicted for all eternity, I am satisfied.

I am here to do thy will

I am here to do what God wants me to do

I have been placed in these situations for a reason

God will let me know what he wants me to do

We all have a purpose, we can reach what God has planned for us

OK God, it keeps getting more messed up down here…

I know this is your will, what you want/planned to happen and I am just here saying I want to do your will, whatever that is, please help me not to be decieved, to know your will, to understand, unless it is your will that I am not to understand, which is really hard to get my head around, but if that is what you have planned for me then i guess i just have to live with that.  I am extremely happy for all that you have for me.  I’m truly sorry for everything I have done that has been against you.  I’m pathetic and don’t deserve all my blessings.

There are so many things that I don’t understand, things that i thought were one way, ended up being totally the opposite.  I see evil deception lies lusts everywhere.  It’s amazing how bad things seem to be here.  I’m going to try real hard to do what you want me to do.  I am devoting my entire being, soul, art, love, intelect, everything to whatever you want me to do. That’s the only thing I ask of you, just help me figure out what I’m supposed to do for you and help me not to do things you don’t want me to do.

It’s probably real easy to do what you want, like when your’re playing music, it all of the sudden becomes easy and automatic, but maybe sometimes that is an evil spirit taking control, please help me see that if that is happening to me