The Machabees crusade response to The Bugnini Brigade Tribunal 25 questions

This is in response to the Bugnini Brigade’s “25 Questions.” For sake of time and space, and the fact that I do not believe such demands from the YouTube Tribunal to be by any means obligatory, I will here post only the first half of the response. The answers to questions 14-25 will be posted within the next few days.

Ken Bird has uploaded replies to these questions as well. We did not post his video on YouTube yet on account of wishing to deal with the absurd demand that we take down our videos. Which, in and of itself, poses a rather peculiar predicament. For why would the very people demanding we take down any and all videos touching on the Catholic faith also demand that we post a video dealing with questions of this nature? This would be to expect of us, and even demand of us, something just denied of us! The inherent absurdity of this should

links to the youtube  Paleocrat answers 25 questions

i stumbled onto this, and find it a fascinating jumping point for research