I hereby pledge to do my utmost to find out God’s will for me and my life, the world in general, and the Church.  I feel we are in very turbulent times and want to do me part, however large or small that may be in God’s strange plan for this age of Man.

I will do this by researching as much as i can on what God is doing, what his enemies are doing, and figure how I can be instrumental in this great big battle that seems to be going on over the souls of the world.

I will also use this site to list my skills,and find the things that are blocking me from manifesting, and to shine a bright light on what I am doing , hopefully steering my works closer to God’s will for me .

For some silly reason this page right here is my most popular

i would like to point all you people to some of my most important pages that deal with me, since this is my about me page anyway.

First of all please help me “Save the world” I try to post as often as i can into this category . If the right person sees one of these and wants to help or takes the idea, then i will be grateful.

My What Can I Do? category has similar posts (even) some of the same ones but they are things that i can specifically be a big part in making them come true.  Again if someone want’s to help donate or purchase one of these skills or ideas please get in touch with me,