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Malachi Martin and the Crisis in the Catholic Church since 1958 — and his radio archive is here: )

First link to this January 18, 2007 radio show about Malachi Martin and the crisis in the Catholic Church: (date of interview: Jan 18, 2007)

Second link to this January 18, 2007 radio show about Malachi Martin and the crisis in the Catholic Church:
Michael Collins Piper and Jim Condit Jr. discuss a chapter in Piper’s book, The Judas Goats, which deals with the late, double agent Malachi Martin and the subversion of the Roman Catholic Church since 1958. Piper is the only author since 1958 to treat this subject in a whole chapter in a major book from the correct angle. Also, the attack by the Southern Poverty Law Institute against twelve Catholic organizations, which happened one day earlier, is discussed. (The date of the interview is January 18, 2007)

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SECTION TWO: The Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church since 1958

Malachi Martin and the Crisis in the Catholic Church since 1958

wait a minute that looked like anti Malachi Martin stuff, wait a minute

The special guest on the January 18 edition of Michael Collins Piper’s nightly forum on the Republic Broadcasting Network at was veteran political activist and Traditionalist Catholic James Condit, Jr. Condit joined Piper to discuss the outrageous intrigues of the late Father Malachi Martin who was the subject of a chapter in Piper’s new book, THE JUDAS GOATS, which analyzes Zionist infiltration of the American nationalist movement and which detailed (based on Condit’s research and that of others) the little-known story of how Father Martin, a priest working high up in the Vatican, acted as an agent of Zionist interests during the Vatican II “reform” conference of the early 1960s bending the doctrines of the Catholic Church to accord with the demands of the Zionist interests. Amazingly, Martin later was annointed by the Zionist-controlled mass media as a”critic” of the very so-called “reforms” that he had helped bring about at the direction of his Zionist handlers. Piper and Condit pointed out that the first evidence of Zionist infiltration of the Vatican came in a LOOK magazine article in 1966 entitled “How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking.” However, LOOK did not identify Martin as the Zionist agent. It did mention, though, that the Zionist agent had written a book under a pseudonym, “Michael Serafian.” It was some years later that that pseudonym was revealed to be a pen-name for none other than Malachi Martin. So there is no question that Martin was a Zionist agent. Just recently, Condit pointed out, the depraved pro-Zionist Southern Poverty Law Center of Morris Dees, which acts as an adjunct of the Zionist Anti-Defamation League, had published a broadside attacking traditionalist Catholic organizations that have been critical of Zionism and of its role in warping traditional,historic, ancient original Catholic Church doctrine. In other Piper noted that Father Martin, during his final days, was active in financing an organization, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), that had, itself been infiltrated from within, and then used to destroy Liberty Lobby, the longtime Washington populist Institution that published The SPOTLIGHT newspaper for which Piper wrote for many years. Piper himself learned of Martin’s financial support for the IHR from a press release issued by Mark Weber of the IHR following Martin’s death in which Weber bragged of Martin’s secret backing of the IHR during the time that it was being used to attack Liberty Lobby. Later Weber pulled that information about Martin’s backing of the IHR from the IHR website apparently after having been tipped off that Piper was preparing to blow the whistle on Martin’s Zionist connections, based on material published by Lawrence T. Patterson of CRIMINAL POLITICS magazine. In fact, it was Piper’s guest, James Condit Jr., who had been involved in preparing the expose of Martin’s role as a “priest-spy for Zionism” inside the Vatican. Piper noted also that Martin’s close friend, pro-Zionist former CIA agent William F. Buckley, Jr. and Buckley’s own former CIA colleague, E. Howard Hunt, had waged two unsuccessful lawsuits to destroy Liberty Lobby only to have their efforts derailed by outspoken anti-Zionist attorney Mark Lane. Later, the intriguers regrouped and under the direction of yet another CIA figure, Andrew Allen, took over the IHR and used it to destroy Liberty Lobby in yet another lawsuit that succeeded in bankrupting Liberty Lobby. So it was a known Zionist agent, Malachi Martin, who was collaborating with those who destroyed Liberty Lobby. In any case, Piper’s guest, Condit, pointed that the story of how the Vatican has been undermined from within has parallels to the same way that similar Zionist water-carriers inside the Protestant churches—such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson—have also engaged in similar intrigues. The lessons of the dangers of such “Judas Goats” need to be examined in detail in order to understand how the Zionists engage in hard-core political wrecking operations designed to undercut all forms of Christian religions, yesterday and today. For more about the topic of the infiltration of the Catholic Church by Zionism, see the Internet website Jim Condit Jr.’s website can be accessed at or you may write: Jim Condit, PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Wow Malachi Martin a double agent? (possible heretical/disinfo) stuff on this site WARNING)

Say it aint so Joe, Say it aint so


The Machabees crusade response to The Bugnini Brigade Tribunal 25 questions

This is in response to the Bugnini Brigade’s “25 Questions.” For sake of time and space, and the fact that I do not believe such demands from the YouTube Tribunal to be by any means obligatory, I will here post only the first half of the response. The answers to questions 14-25 will be posted within the next few days.

Ken Bird has uploaded replies to these questions as well. We did not post his video on YouTube yet on account of wishing to deal with the absurd demand that we take down our videos. Which, in and of itself, poses a rather peculiar predicament. For why would the very people demanding we take down any and all videos touching on the Catholic faith also demand that we post a video dealing with questions of this nature? This would be to expect of us, and even demand of us, something just denied of us! The inherent absurdity of this should

links to the youtube  Paleocrat answers 25 questions

i stumbled onto this, and find it a fascinating jumping point for research

Really? come on, really? so no body ever notices this

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how can Novus ordo be so blatant?

I mean really

Invalidity of the Novus Ordo Missae

truly wack youtube videos of novus ordo all over the place

novus clown ordo

The prayers in the Tridentine Mass are pregnant with Catholic theology and spirituality. The Judica me, prayers to the Trinity, prays for the dead, the unabashed reference to saints and angels, the Confiteor, and even the Last Gospel has been removed. These all have great meaning and significance. Mass was, and is to the Traditionalist Catholic, a sort of mini-catechism. The Tradition of the Church is declared, and the Faith of the Church is prayed. Even “small” matters such as genuflecting when referencing the incarnation have been tossed to the wind. well said on the post Rejecting the Novus Ordo Missae

I don’t know you can’t tell me all this is coincidence

when how why did this happen? what’s the point?

Was October 22, 1967 the most ominous and frightening day in the two-thousand-year history of the Catholic Church, and certainly in the history of the Church in the United States of America?  Did that day see a legalized contradiction of hitherto inviolate decrees and norms guarding the Canon of the Mass?  Did it possibly even bring a new era of darkness into the world, the extinguishing of the true sacrificial and sacramental Eucharistic Christ from the majority of our churches? Rev. Lawrence S. Brey

Changes Caused by Omission of Words . . . Changes Caused by Additions of Words . . . Changes Caused by Substitution of Words . . . The Criterion We Must Use.
The Source of Power in These Words . . . Our Lord’s Words in the Ancient Form . . . Putting Words into Our Lord’s Mouth.
Two Distinct Aspects of Christ’s Death . . . The Aspect of Sufficiency . . . The Aspect of Efficacy . . . The Ancient, Established Form Conveys the Sense of Efficacy . . . The New “Form” Conveys the Sense of Sufficiency . . . Summary and Conclusion.
Three Distinct Elements in a Sacrament . . . Baptism As An Example.
The Three Elements . . . Examples To Illustrate “The Reality” of The Eucharist.
All Sacraments Related to The Mystical Body . . . Unique Relationship of The Most Blessed Sacrament . . . The Words of Pope Pius XII . . . Summary and Preview.
The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Church . . . The Visible Church Is Necessary . . . Unbelievers and Unbaptized Persons Are Not Members . . . Heretics, Schismatics, Apostates Automatically Excluded . . . Loyalty and Adherence to the Pope Required . . . Conclusion.
Christ Could Not Have Said.- “for All Men” . . . Sacraments Must Contain What They Signify and Signify What They Contain . . . External Rite of The Eucharist Must Signify The Mystical Body . . . An Opinion . . . The New “Form” Signifies Falsely . . . Identical Wording Not Required . . . The Doctrine of the Apostles . . . The Alexandrine Liturgy . . . The Canons of Hippolytus . . . “De Sacramentis” of the Pseudo-Ambrose . . . Eastern Liturgies in General . . . Gallican and Mozarabic Rites . . . Summary . . . Conclusion.

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