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early Christian Catena

early Christian writings

The Corpus Hermeticum

The Complete Sayings of Jesus

by Arthur Hinds[1927]

Like the Jefferson Bible, this is an attempt to edit the four gospels into a consistent account, in this case focusing on the words of Jesus. There is plenty of connecting narrative around the instances where Jesus speaks, so this is better than simply presenting each quote out of context. The focus on what Jesus is attributed as saying makes it easier to browse the core texts of the New Testament. All in all, a very useful reference, and a great read.


The Internet has long been home to all kinds of sites about Freemasonry, pro and con. However, it has been hard to find reliable, vetted information on the web on this topic. This page has electronic editions of core texts on Freemasonry in the public domain, presented complete and unaltered.

The community of Christian etext redactors is very active, and transcriptions of public domain books on the topic are abundant. The following are archives of public domain etexts about Christianity and related topics, which contain much more material than we have room or bandwidth for at this site. Some of these are:

Christian Classics Ethereal Library This is probably the largest general purpose archive of Christian texts.
Additional Early Church Fathers at the Tertullian Project website. This dovetails with the ‘Early Church Fathers’ collection at CCEL.
The Unbound Bible has the best collection of downloadable Bible data files anywhere. Highly recommended.
Digital Christian Library and related topics, with many unique items, by a very active scanner who has
The Gnostic Society A collection of shorter texts on Gnosticism. Also has a collection of Dead Sea Scroll translations.
The Catholic Encyclopeda This is a project to put online this huge work from 1913.

<!– Project Wittenberg A comprehensive archive of Lutheran texts, of general interest for the study of Protestantism.
–>Quaker Heritage Press publishes etexts of rare and out-of-print Quaker documents.
Restoration Movement Texts. Primary texts of a 19th century American religious movement, predecessor of Churches of Christ, the Christian Churches, and the Disciples of Christ, among other groups.

Ok, this has been a dream of mine for almost 20 years:  Get a large abandoned building in the warehouse district part of town, you know the type of building: over a hundred years old, freight elevator, bricks, big wooden floors, loft style spaces. Create a storefront, simple gallery space cafe incubator style accommodations.   Have at least one large open area for large art shows, music events, fundraising events etc.  then the rest of the building is used for housing the artists, studio space, workshops, printing presses, kiln, darkroom, any type of equipment that helps artists make art.

Believe me I’ve been close to realizing this dream with 2 very large projects that involved lot’s of    people but they were business world geared ventures   (they never listen to the crazy artist guy, it’s always “hey did you get that new website up? we need those t-shirts? you don’t want us to pay you to let you perform at our show do you?”)

I’m currently involved with The Poor Souls Society people, who seem to be on there way to achieving something similar to this

So far i have found one amazing group in London who seem to get it

these guys are amazing and have come up with several things i never dreamed of       Crisis center for ending homelessness

scroll to bottom of this page to watch the video

go to that second link and watch the video, you will be amazed, Please God help me get something like this going here

What are you talking about now Stephen?

This may sound crazy but it’s really a total simple logical obvious thing:

cargo shipping containers are everywhere all over the world, you don’t have to drive very far in any city on the entire planet to find one of these things abandoned in a vacant lot.  Every Dock has the facilities already in place to move them around very efficiently, the systems for moving them by boat plane train truck and even helicopter are all already in place and being used daily.  They are a solid structure, easily modified, and when you drop them on a piece of land you don’t need a building permit, lot’s of regulations and red tape can be avoided in areas where this may cause a problem

I’m by far not the first to come up with this idea

The daily green article on shipping container homes

whole website dedicated to cargo container living

Tokyo design week competition

If you really think about this it’s a no brainer, slap some solar panles on top maybe a pop up wind turbine (think of it as a sailboat sucking air and wind for energy conversion)

it wouldn’t take much to get this rolling full steam and we could use up the millions of these things that are just laying around everywhere

Ok, here’s how it goes, a simple black/white image on the front. Make sure you have some info about your good will intentions, charity etc. make sure to put web address on there. On the back you can sell sponsor logo space.

Create a not for profit 501 c 3 for all the  money to go to/ come from, and to manifest all your good works from.  For instance this one here is for this blog site and it’s quest to do what God’s will is.

All the money will go toward this goal, we don’t have any sponsors for the back yet, so if you want to get on this near the top, give us a call.

Ideally this would have an event date, time and location also. then to lower the per print cost you get a stack of heavy paper to increase the print count with paper that costs cents instead of shirts that cost dollars. If you work your formulas out right you can literally get shirts for as low as 2 bucks a piece and have most if not all of your costs covered by the sponsors on the back of the shirt.   This is a real shirt, and soon to be a real not for profit 501 c 3, with a board fo directors consisting of church leaders from multiple denominations, theologians and philanthropists

contact Stephen at my custom union printed T-shirt business in St. Louis MO

Everyone wears T-shirts, turn on a tv to a show on starving kids in Africa, if they poorest of the poor wear t-shirts, everyone does, walk down the street, count the number of t-shirts, open up your drawers, count how many are in there.  Now imagine making a custom thing that you can put whatever you want on it and imagine that thing cost you as low as $2 to make and can be sold for $10 or more.

Remember the cost of printing goes down as number of prints go up, those prints don’t have to be on T-shirts.

Great advertising for your cause, great morale booster for your volunteers.

We are on a quest to…

Know God’s Will

Artists, Writers, Bloggers, Researchers, needed

I’m Serious About this folks, i printed the first one yesterday, i actually have white ink in the screen right now, I’ll get a pic up soon, i promise

i have 3 dark shirts, ringers a couple of them, all size large I’ll let em go for $10 you cover shipping (we can do the us mail little box thing it’s like way cheap)

I will probably be selling the white tee style with black ink (it will look like the pic above) for $10 as well to start with

if i get some sponsors for the back, cost will go down to like $5 (lower for bulk with your logo on back)

and if i can get these things goin right, we can get the cost down to like $3 to someone buying it and still raise millions for charity

literally save the world,  I’m not kidding

I hereby pledge to have totally open books on these shirts from day one, this is my gift to the world


as of right now there is only one and I’m wearing it

I Seriously do not get how no one can understand this I Literally know hundreds of people who put on events

  • you can get your cost per piece down to $2 (or lower) per shirt, no more than $5 bucks per shirt total cost printed
  • you also get prints on paper that can potentially sell at fine art prices ($100+)
  • and you can easily have them paid for before you print by sponsors

This seems so simple and people come to me all the time and end up being disappointed with prices and costs

Biggest mistakes people do when they try to get shirts printed

  • they want lots of colors on little amounts of shirts
  • they have no idea what they want from the artist and make him redo and change the concept 20 times
  • they expect you to be creative immediately on a complicated thing that they themselves have spent months trying to visualize and still can’t
  • they complicate the shirt more and more and want it faster, there is a wide variation on types of prints and how difficult they are
  • a print shop loses money on orders all the time in hopes of that bigger job that comes next
  • a steady client gets things printed for way less than they should
  • a one time client HAS to be charged a high amount unless the job is big enough, find that tipping point

Please God teach me to do Thy Will

I can’t take this world anymore. I always thought the only thing we were put here to do was find a mate, Love, and make little babies, evidently you didn’t put me here for that.  So what am I supposed to do? I see evil and stupidity and outright insanity everywhere here, from the lowest street people up to the highest powers (even in the church)  I don’t get what you want me here for, please take me home. If you got me here to do something, please help me figure out what it is.  You know I’m easy to please: I don’t eat much, I’ve given up on trying to find a girl to love so that opens up my budget, I don’t care too much about my surroundings.  I’d be happy living a monastic lifestyle. This Art Writing Music thing you’ve given me, am i suppposed to give that up? How can i use that for you?  I don’t know what your will is. I don’t want to ask for a vision or anything big like that…

Lord, I accept this punishment from thy hands, and I accept it for as long as it pleases thee; if it be thy will that i should be thus afflicted for all eternity, I am satisfied.

I am here to do thy will

I am here to do what God wants me to do

I have been placed in these situations for a reason

God will let me know what he wants me to do

We all have a purpose, we can reach what God has planned for us

OK God, it keeps getting more messed up down here…

I know this is your will, what you want/planned to happen and I am just here saying I want to do your will, whatever that is, please help me not to be decieved, to know your will, to understand, unless it is your will that I am not to understand, which is really hard to get my head around, but if that is what you have planned for me then i guess i just have to live with that.  I am extremely happy for all that you have for me.  I’m truly sorry for everything I have done that has been against you.  I’m pathetic and don’t deserve all my blessings.

There are so many things that I don’t understand, things that i thought were one way, ended up being totally the opposite.  I see evil deception lies lusts everywhere.  It’s amazing how bad things seem to be here.  I’m going to try real hard to do what you want me to do.  I am devoting my entire being, soul, art, love, intelect, everything to whatever you want me to do. That’s the only thing I ask of you, just help me figure out what I’m supposed to do for you and help me not to do things you don’t want me to do.

It’s probably real easy to do what you want, like when your’re playing music, it all of the sudden becomes easy and automatic, but maybe sometimes that is an evil spirit taking control, please help me see that if that is happening to me

What can I do?

I am currently writing and painting, asking God everyday to guide me in my endeavor. I can print T-shirts Very inexpensively. I will be working on some specifically for this website/blog thing i got going here.

Some things i need to get to be more productive

camera, take pics of my art

video cam, start a documentary on this subject

wireless router, so i can do this on my comp instead of Reeds

cables and some repairs to my speakers so i have a full pa system for doing shows

gallery space, for a show with this site as the theme