First of all you have to register

create a profile

and do it everywhere if you’re wanting traffic, funnel visitors to your main site

figure out if you were the type of person that you want to come to your site would type into a search engine

for instance, this site would be something like: How do I know God’s Will?

you need to back that up by writing some content that directly relates to that subject using those words again

I’m trying to do research on the great struggle of Man, or how to know God’s Will.  How can we possibly get to know God’s will? The if we are one to except the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God, then what translation do we follow? and even if we can get to the original words, how can we be exactly sure of their meaning, we can study and study, find out every possible context, but how can we ever be truly sure of God’s Will?

This is a constant struggle for me, intellectually,  morally, spiritually, and even minute to minute in the most average mundane actions.

Now that’s probably ok for a start but you should try to use a few more words.

ad tags that relate to your subject making sure to use the main words in your linked question.

type into a search engine what questions you think your targets would type and see what already comes up, if it’s something you can put a link on, do it

look up blogs on the same subject, comment link back

post on forums,,,, type in any subject and put forum after it, you’ll be amazed

find free classifieds, craigslist, backpage, etc.