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Bangkok in Turmoil as Deaths Rise –

wow what a shot.


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pope ‘failed to act’

pope devil.

Pope ‘failed to act’ on US sex abuse claims

London Times | Mar 25, 2010

by Anne Barrowclough

The sex abuse scandal enveloping the Catholic Church moved closer to Pope Benedict XVI today with revelations that in the 1990s the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger failed to defrock an American priest who molested hundreds of deaf boys, despite receiving letters from a number of American bishops pleading with him to act.

Deepest part of the ocean Life!

The Mariana Trench is located in the Pacific Ocean, just east of the 14 Mariana Islands (11″21′ North latitude and 142″ 12′ East longitude ) near Japan.   As you probably already know, it is the deepest part of the earth’s oceans, and the deepest location of the earth itself.  It was created by ocean-to-ocean subduction, a phenomena in which a plate topped by oceanic crust is subducted beneath another plate topped by oceanic crust.

Fact-The Mariana Trench is 11,033 meters (36,201 feet), (6033.5) fathoms deep. The Pressure at the deepest part of the Mariana Trench is over 8 tons per square inch. The Mariana Trench is 2, 542 km (1,580 miles) long and 69 km (43 miles) wide.

Surreal experiences boost brain power.

16 September 2009
Surreal experiences boost brain power
by Kate Melville

Psychologists at the University of California – Santa Barbara and the University of British Columbia have found that exposure to surrealism, by say, reading a book by Franz Kafka or watching a film by director David Lynch, enhances the cognitive mechanisms that oversee the implicit learning functions in the brain. The research was reported in the journal Psychological Science.

“The idea is that when you’re exposed to a meaning threat – something that fundamentally does not make sense – your brain is going to respond by looking for some other kind of structure within your environment,” said researcher Travis Proulx. “And, it turns out, that structure can be completely unrelated to the meaning threat.”

Greece in the eye of the storm |

Greece in the eye of the storm

Antonis Davenellos, a member of International Workers Left (DEA) in Athens, describes the brewing protests as the government imposes harsh austerity measures.

Riot police didn’t hesitate to pepper-spray 88-year-old Manolis  Glezos, a living legend of the anti-Nazi resistance during the Second  World WarRiot police didn’t hesitate to pepper-spray 88-year-old Manolis Glezos, a living legend of the anti-Nazi resistance during the Second World War

GREECE’S SOCIAL democratic government announced “extra measures” on March 3 aimed at reducing the government deficit and raising money, mainly to service the public debt.

For working people, the measures were a shock: a freeze on pensions for the second year in a row, salary cuts for public employees that will also transfer immediately to the private sector, a freeze on hiring in the public sector, plus tax increases–including a sales tax hike that will raise the price of basic products like food, gas, etc.–which will further cut into the living standards of Greek workers.