Ok, here’s how it goes, a simple black/white image on the front. Make sure you have some info about your good will intentions, charity etc. make sure to put web address on there. On the back you can sell sponsor logo space.

Create a not for profit 501 c 3 for all the  money to go to/ come from, and to manifest all your good works from.  For instance this one here is for this blog site and it’s quest to do what God’s will is.

All the money will go toward this goal, we don’t have any sponsors for the back yet, so if you want to get on this near the top, give us a call.

Ideally this would have an event date, time and location also. then to lower the per print cost you get a stack of heavy paper to increase the print count with paper that costs cents instead of shirts that cost dollars. If you work your formulas out right you can literally get shirts for as low as 2 bucks a piece and have most if not all of your costs covered by the sponsors on the back of the shirt.   This is a real shirt, and soon to be a real not for profit 501 c 3, with a board fo directors consisting of church leaders from multiple denominations, theologians and philanthropists

contact Stephen at my custom union printed T-shirt business in St. Louis MO

Everyone wears T-shirts, turn on a tv to a show on starving kids in Africa, if they poorest of the poor wear t-shirts, everyone does, walk down the street, count the number of t-shirts, open up your drawers, count how many are in there.  Now imagine making a custom thing that you can put whatever you want on it and imagine that thing cost you as low as $2 to make and can be sold for $10 or more.

Remember the cost of printing goes down as number of prints go up, those prints don’t have to be on T-shirts.

Great advertising for your cause, great morale booster for your volunteers.

We are on a quest to…

Know God’s Will

Artists, Writers, Bloggers, Researchers, needed

I’m Serious About this folks, i printed the first one yesterday, i actually have white ink in the screen right now, I’ll get a pic up soon, i promise

i have 3 dark shirts, ringers a couple of them, all size large I’ll let em go for $10 you cover shipping (we can do the us mail little box thing it’s like way cheap)

I will probably be selling the white tee style with black ink (it will look like the pic above) for $10 as well to start with

if i get some sponsors for the back, cost will go down to like $5 (lower for bulk with your logo on back)

and if i can get these things goin right, we can get the cost down to like $3 to someone buying it and still raise millions for charity

literally save the world,  I’m not kidding

I hereby pledge to have totally open books on these shirts from day one, this is my gift to the world


as of right now there is only one and I’m wearing it

I Seriously do not get how no one can understand this I Literally know hundreds of people who put on events

  • you can get your cost per piece down to $2 (or lower) per shirt, no more than $5 bucks per shirt total cost printed
  • you also get prints on paper that can potentially sell at fine art prices ($100+)
  • and you can easily have them paid for before you print by sponsors

This seems so simple and people come to me all the time and end up being disappointed with prices and costs

Biggest mistakes people do when they try to get shirts printed

  • they want lots of colors on little amounts of shirts
  • they have no idea what they want from the artist and make him redo and change the concept 20 times
  • they expect you to be creative immediately on a complicated thing that they themselves have spent months trying to visualize and still can’t
  • they complicate the shirt more and more and want it faster, there is a wide variation on types of prints and how difficult they are
  • a print shop loses money on orders all the time in hopes of that bigger job that comes next
  • a steady client gets things printed for way less than they should
  • a one time client HAS to be charged a high amount unless the job is big enough, find that tipping point