What are you talking about now Stephen?

This may sound crazy but it’s really a total simple logical obvious thing:

cargo shipping containers are everywhere all over the world, you don’t have to drive very far in any city on the entire planet to find one of these things abandoned in a vacant lot.  Every Dock has the facilities already in place to move them around very efficiently, the systems for moving them by boat plane train truck and even helicopter are all already in place and being used daily.  They are a solid structure, easily modified, and when you drop them on a piece of land you don’t need a building permit, lot’s of regulations and red tape can be avoided in areas where this may cause a problem

I’m by far not the first to come up with this idea

The daily green article on shipping container homes

whole website dedicated to cargo container living

Tokyo design week competition

If you really think about this it’s a no brainer, slap some solar panles on top maybe a pop up wind turbine (think of it as a sailboat sucking air and wind for energy conversion)

it wouldn’t take much to get this rolling full steam and we could use up the millions of these things that are just laying around everywhere