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I found this interesting robot reading of a Cass Suntein report on conspiracy theory, so i decided to make a conspiracy step song at 140 bpm it’s pretty straight forward stuff and should be easy to mix into a bunch of different style  sets. Below are links to the original file for you to make your own, he says some pretty funny stuff, check it out, clever fellow. it’s long and it isn’t a great song or anything, what’s important is some of the stuff he say’s, great foundation to throw stuff on top of, have fun kids.

original free music, public domain, freaky Steve, Revelation of the Method

Many millions of people hold conspiracy theories; they believe that powerful people have worked together in order to withhold the truth about some important practice or some terrible event. A recent example is the belief, widespread in some parts of the world, that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined. Such theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences. A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups. Various policy dilemmas, such as the question whether it is better for government to rebut conspiracy theories or to ignore them, are explored in this light.

Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures : Cass Sunstein, Adrian Vermeule : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive.

Cass R. Sunstein
Harvard University – Harvard Law School

Adrian Vermeule
Harvard University – Harvard Law School

January 15, 2008

Harvard Public Law Working Paper No. 08-03
U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 199
U of Chicago Law & Economics, Olin Working Paper No. 387

cass sunstein

“Kommissar Cass Sunstein wrote a paper in 2008 advocating thought and speech control titled Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures. In it, Sunstein recommends a number of bizarre ways in which the government could “ban conspiracy theories.”

cass sunstein original robot reading on internet archive


Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, gives a 45 minute lecture that is a good summary.

Pic links to huffington post article by Jeffrey Smith

from internet archive (public domain heaven)

Jeffrey Smith is a master storyteller. His style captivates and charms, while his meticulously documented facts leave no doubt about a massive injustice. Smith has worked with a nonprofit group to promote labeling of GM foods; proposed legislation to keep these foods out of schools to protect children; and worked at a GMO detection laboratory. He founded the Institute for Responsible Technology and lives in Iowa, surrounded by genetically modified corn and soybeans. He is the author of Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating and Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods from Chelsea Green Publishing. To help you choose healthier, non-GMO brands, use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

fascinating guy this Mr. Fagan

Listen to audio

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Deep understanding of the New World Order conspiracy

Eight 45-minute talks by an Irish Priest. Deep understanding of the New World Order conspiracy.

listen to Mr. Fagan too.

During his early years; Mr. Fagan was also “Dramatic Editor” for “The Associated Newspapers,” including the “New York Globe” and various Hearst newspapers. But in 1916 he took a “SABBATICAL” from the Theater and served as “Director of Public Relations” for Charles Evens Hughes; the Republican Candidate for the Presidency – he refused a similar post offered him for the Hoover campaign in 1928; thus, Mr. Fagan’s career encompassed the Theater, Journalism and National Politics, and he is a proven expert in all those fields.

In 1930; Mr. Fagan came to Hollywood where he served as “Writer Director” with “Pathe Pictures, Inc.,” then owned by Joseph P. Kennedy, father of the late President Jack Kennedy, and also at 20th Century Fox, and other Hollywood Film Studios. But he also continued in the Broadway Legitimate field.

In 1945, at the urgent request of John T. Flynn, the famous author of “THE ROOSEVELT MYTH,” “WHILE WE SLEPT,” “THE TRUE STORY OF PEARL HARBOR,” etc.; Mr. Fagan attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he was shown a set of micro-films and recordings of the SECRET meetings at Yalta attended only by Franklin Roosevelt, Alger Hess, Harry Hopkins, Stalin, Molotov, and Vishinsky when they hatched the plot to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin. As a result


Bangkok in Turmoil as Deaths Rise –

wow what a shot.

Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI -Times Online.

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    Atheist campaigner Richard Dawkins

    RICHARD DAWKINS, the atheist campaigner, is planning a legal ambush to have the Pope arrested during his state visit to Britain “for crimes against humanity”.

    Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, the atheist author, have asked human rights lawyers to produce a case for charging Pope Benedict XVI over his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

    The pair believe they can exploit the same legal principle used to arrest Augusto Pinochet, the late Chilean dictator, when he visited Britain in 1998.

    The Pope was embroiled in new controversy this weekend over a letter he signed arguing that the “good of the universal church” should be considered against the defrocking of an American priest who committed sex offences against two boys. It was dated 1985, when he was in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which deals with sex abuse cases.

    Ron Paul and Freemasonry « Aftermath News. Ron Paul and Freemasonry April 22, 2008 · 863 Comments

    Ron Paul speaking at Georgetown Jesuit University, alma mater of Carroll Quigley and Bill Clinton. Note the Freemasonic symbols on the wall behind him.

    I know this is a taboo subject among Ron Paul supporters, of which I was one myself in the very beginning of his presidential campaign. And even if it is proven beyond any doubt that he is a freemason, many will just put it aside and pretend it doesn’t matter “because he is such a decent and honest man” etc. But many others are very curious to know what RP’s status is regarding Freemasonry because it does matter, and I fully intend to find out myself. Therefore, it is high time we started talking openly about it and try to ascertain the truth, one way or another.

    I just happened to stumble across this comment over at the Daily Paul yesterday, and thought that I should share it with whoever is interested in knowing whether or not Ron Paul is a Freemason.

    This does not prove anything in that regard, however it makes the probability that he is a Freemason very much higher since Eastern Star members are generally married to Freemason husbands, Rainbow girls are generally children of masons and because Ron Paul’s father was also a mason. And in addition, according to the comment, he “respects the organization”, which is wholly uncharacteristic of anyone who is supposedly fighting against the masonically-inspired New World Order. Ron Paul is also an unofficial member of the John Birch Society, which was founded by masons, funded by Nelson Rockefeller and run by Jesuit-trained Knights of Malta. In other words, the JBS is a gatekeeper organization, designed to control the opposition and make sure nothing substantial is ever done to impede the New World Order system which just keeps on rolling over humanity. How about the Jahbulon Bullshit Society for a more appropriate name?

    Greece in the eye of the storm |

    Greece in the eye of the storm

    Antonis Davenellos, a member of International Workers Left (DEA) in Athens, describes the brewing protests as the government imposes harsh austerity measures.

    Riot police didn’t hesitate to pepper-spray 88-year-old Manolis  Glezos, a living legend of the anti-Nazi resistance during the Second  World WarRiot police didn’t hesitate to pepper-spray 88-year-old Manolis Glezos, a living legend of the anti-Nazi resistance during the Second World War

    GREECE’S SOCIAL democratic government announced “extra measures” on March 3 aimed at reducing the government deficit and raising money, mainly to service the public debt.

    For working people, the measures were a shock: a freeze on pensions for the second year in a row, salary cuts for public employees that will also transfer immediately to the private sector, a freeze on hiring in the public sector, plus tax increases–including a sales tax hike that will raise the price of basic products like food, gas, etc.–which will further cut into the living standards of Greek workers.

    Monday, March 8, 2010, 1:42 PM
    Joe Carter

    On his radio program, Fox News’ Glenn Beck encouraged listeners to leave their church if it proclaims a concern for social justice:

    I’m begging you, your right to religion and freedom to exercise religion and read all of the passages of the Bible as you want to read them and as your church wants to preach them . . . are going to come under the ropes in the next year. If it lasts that long it will be the next year. I beg you, look for the words ’social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!”

    Listen to the audio here.

    click for source

    Although many Protestant denomination express concerns about social justice, the term is most closely associated with the social teachings of the Catholic Church. A Jesuit priest, Luigi Taparelli D’Azeglio, coined the term in the 1840s and based the concept on the teachings of Thomas Aquinas.

    According to the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, “a large part of the Church’s social teaching is solicited and determined by important social questions, to which social justice is the proper answer.” Social justice is even given a section in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    a new movie is coming Rex Mundi, staring Johnny Depp

    based on the comic book by Arvid NelsonRex mundi Comic

    Who is Rex Mundi?

    this is pretty heretical stuff so beware of these links.

    Rex Mundi is Latin for King of the World.

    Basically an Antichrist/Satan type of figure in the belief system of the Cathars

    they got their name from the word catharsis, not the other way around as some might believe (at least it seems that way to me)

    Catharsis (Ancient GreekΚάθαρσις) is a Greek word meaning “cleansing”, “purging”, or “clarification.” It is derived from the infinitive verb ofAncient Greekκαθαίρειν transliterated as kathairein “to purify, purge,” and adjective Ancient Greekκαθαρός katharos “pure or clean.”

    Really? come on, really? so no body ever notices this

    image below from interesting blog

    how can Novus ordo be so blatant?

    I mean really

    Invalidity of the Novus Ordo Missae

    truly wack youtube videos of novus ordo all over the place

    novus clown ordo

    The prayers in the Tridentine Mass are pregnant with Catholic theology and spirituality. The Judica me, prayers to the Trinity, prays for the dead, the unabashed reference to saints and angels, the Confiteor, and even the Last Gospel has been removed. These all have great meaning and significance. Mass was, and is to the Traditionalist Catholic, a sort of mini-catechism. The Tradition of the Church is declared, and the Faith of the Church is prayed. Even “small” matters such as genuflecting when referencing the incarnation have been tossed to the wind. well said on the post Rejecting the Novus Ordo Missae

    I don’t know you can’t tell me all this is coincidence

    when how why did this happen? what’s the point?

    Was October 22, 1967 the most ominous and frightening day in the two-thousand-year history of the Catholic Church, and certainly in the history of the Church in the United States of America?  Did that day see a legalized contradiction of hitherto inviolate decrees and norms guarding the Canon of the Mass?  Did it possibly even bring a new era of darkness into the world, the extinguishing of the true sacrificial and sacramental Eucharistic Christ from the majority of our churches? Rev. Lawrence S. Brey

    Changes Caused by Omission of Words . . . Changes Caused by Additions of Words . . . Changes Caused by Substitution of Words . . . The Criterion We Must Use.
    The Source of Power in These Words . . . Our Lord’s Words in the Ancient Form . . . Putting Words into Our Lord’s Mouth.
    Two Distinct Aspects of Christ’s Death . . . The Aspect of Sufficiency . . . The Aspect of Efficacy . . . The Ancient, Established Form Conveys the Sense of Efficacy . . . The New “Form” Conveys the Sense of Sufficiency . . . Summary and Conclusion.
    Three Distinct Elements in a Sacrament . . . Baptism As An Example.
    The Three Elements . . . Examples To Illustrate “The Reality” of The Eucharist.
    All Sacraments Related to The Mystical Body . . . Unique Relationship of The Most Blessed Sacrament . . . The Words of Pope Pius XII . . . Summary and Preview.
    The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Church . . . The Visible Church Is Necessary . . . Unbelievers and Unbaptized Persons Are Not Members . . . Heretics, Schismatics, Apostates Automatically Excluded . . . Loyalty and Adherence to the Pope Required . . . Conclusion.
    Christ Could Not Have Said.- “for All Men” . . . Sacraments Must Contain What They Signify and Signify What They Contain . . . External Rite of The Eucharist Must Signify The Mystical Body . . . An Opinion . . . The New “Form” Signifies Falsely . . . Identical Wording Not Required . . . The Doctrine of the Apostles . . . The Alexandrine Liturgy . . . The Canons of Hippolytus . . . “De Sacramentis” of the Pseudo-Ambrose . . . Eastern Liturgies in General . . . Gallican and Mozarabic Rites . . . Summary . . . Conclusion.

    More here